Things Are Looking Up

Images of a work titled Things Are Looking Up from my show Really Getting Somewhere Now, shown November, 2012 at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design’s RUDE Gallery.

USA Pro Challenge Bike Art Project

Bernhardt DIA Bernhardt DIA view2

Bike Art shown at Denver International Airport in the baggage claim as part of the USA Pro Challenge bicycle race in Colorado, held during the month of August, 2012. Participants were selected by Ivar Zeile, owner of Plus Gallery, Denver, CO. Each artist or collaborative team designed a bicycle to represent a specific cycling program. In this case I have represented team Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda, taking the color and geometric shapes of the argyle pattern that is characteristic of Slipstream Sports, the team’s holding company.


Projection of an Upturned Object

Bernhardt_Projection of an Upturned Object Bernhardt_Projection of an Upturned Object2sm

From the Appropriate Punk show at Hinterland Art.Space, Denver, CO. June, 2012. Night stand by American of Martinsville, Poplar, Mylar. 2012.

Do Not Spray Directly in Face

Images from the Barchael show at Vertigo Artspace, October 21 – December 17, 2011 (a collaboration with Barry Whittaker).

Ideas All Day

Vertigo Artspace
Denver, Colorado
April 22 – May 26, 2011

Naming a thing doesn’t make it real, except when it does

Images from Metropolitan State University of Denver Art Faculty Exhibition, Collective Nouns, at the Center for Visual Art, 2011.

Drawings, Art Farm Artist Residency, 2010

These drawings were completed during my three week stay at Art Farm in 2010.

Work from Art Farm

Images of work completed during my residency at Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska, 2010. I began with a blank wall, drawing paper and toothpicks and assembled this on a wall of the studio during my three weeks on site.

Wheelbarrow for Your Troubles

This project was the result of a collaboration with Alvin P. Gregorio at Vertigo Art Space in Denver, CO. The structure is a drawing as much as it is an object. It is built of rough sketches, measurements, paper models and plans.