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Do Not Spray Directly in Face

Images from the Barchael show at Vertigo Artspace, October 21 – December 17, 2011 (a collaboration with Barry Whittaker).

Wheelbarrow for Your Troubles

This project was the result of a collaboration with Alvin P. Gregorio at Vertigo Art Space in Denver, CO. The structure is a drawing as much as it is an object. It is built of rough sketches, measurements, paper models and plans.

Collaboration lab

Under the auspices of the Bernhardt Laboratories Collaboration Lab I have been working with the collaboration outfit Barchael on some new projects. Something is in the works and it involves mythology, but we can’t share much more than that right now. Here are some screen shots the Barchael duo made while video conferencing. Watch for hints about the new project and see past projects at Also see the sidebar for the Barchael link.