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Ideas All Day

Vertigo Artspace
Denver, Colorado
April 22 – May 26, 2011

Naming a thing doesn’t make it real, except when it does

Images from Metropolitan State University of Denver Art Faculty Exhibition, Collective Nouns, at the Center for Visual Art, 2011.

Drawings, Art Farm Artist Residency, 2010

These drawings were completed during my three week stay at Art Farm in 2010.

Work from Art Farm

Images of work completed during my residency at Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska, 2010. I began with a blank wall, drawing paper and toothpicks and assembled this on a wall of the studio during my three weeks on site.


Proposal Drawings

Preview of the MoMA Project Drawings

The following images represent a few of the drafted drawings being made for the MoMA project.

The ground plan of the atrium as envisioned by the drawing laboratory.

The rocket unit.

The cloud conveyor unit, seen without the applied cloud texture.