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MoMA Atrium Calculations

The following images document the act of measuring the Museum of Modern Art atrium space. Click on an image for more information.

One aspect of this work I have been considering is the idea of authorship. If Bernhardt Laboratories had, or needed, an installation crew, this image would represent the unloading of some provisional works for the Measuring MoMA project. Sample models would be brought into the museum’s loading bay and later into the atrium to test relationships between objects and to establish sightlines from various locations. The mock-ups and early drawings used in this process were fairly rough, owing to the broad estimations of space in the atrium used prior to this opportunity to take physical measurements. Based on comparisons between the drawings, models, and mock-ups against the physical dimensions of the atrium, some retooling of elements has proven necessary, as was expected.

Preview of the MoMA Project Drawings

The following images represent a few of the drafted drawings being made for the MoMA project.

The ground plan of the atrium as envisioned by the drawing laboratory.

The rocket unit.

The cloud conveyor unit, seen without the applied cloud texture.

MoMA Project Headway

Working as the Bernhardt Laboratories creative director and installation crew, I will be in New York May 14-21, 2008. During this time I will compare my initial work on the MoMA project against the space of the atrium on site. Some aspect of measuring will occur in order to refine my current plans for (supposed) installation. The future of the project will be determined by my evaluation of the space as compared with my initial estimations. It is conceivable that the project could remain unchanged or that it may undergo drastic reevaluation, but much of this is dependent on the difference between my best assumptions and what I find when I measure the actual space.

Measuring MoMA


Using a map of the second floor atrium at the Museum of Modern Art, Measuring MoMA is a project for which I will be drawing a plan and elevation of the atrium space as accurately as I can. Filling this space will be theatrical set pieces related to Renaissance stage design conventions and catastrophic environmental events. The second phase of this project is to measure the floor space, wall dimensions, and various ceiling heights of the actual MoMA atrium in contrast to the estimations I made previously. The preparatory drawings and models of the atrium space and the theoretical items to be installed there will likely be a major component of the supposed installation, giving evidence of the various stages of production and contrasting the end result or final phase of design.